The college scam

Does our government want college students to provide a secure future for this country? Do they love this country as much as they say? There is one thing you can count on in life besides taxes death, and that”s rising tuition. It is becoming more and more difficult to achieve the american dream. As a little girl, I thought that people who went to college would be well off one day and not have to worry about money. As time has moved on, I’ve met people who had college degrees but they didn’t appear to be “well off”. Not that they were necessarily poor, but they could not afford anything extra. They clipped coupons, shopped at second-hand stores, and had a vehicle that was old or didn’t work. I thought to myself, all those years of school and what do you have to show for it. Don’t get me wrong. They had money. But it seemed to be just enough to keep them a tad above the poverty line. After talking to them, I noticed they had one thing in common…student debt. In some cases, they said their student loan payments were higher that their mortgage. With those things in mind It makes me wonder, ….”Why its the cost of college so high?” While I understand that education is an excellent investment, I find it hard to believe that any college student would spend an extra 8,10 or 12 years in school so they can barely escape the poverty line. I know this may sound controversial or maybe even ignorant, but this might explain why so many people are on welfare. Look at it this way. A young woman, for example, receives welfare, lives in subsidized housing, has free healthcare and other benefits, while another young woman have a bachelor’s degree in teaching. The first young woman doesn’t have to worry about food or rent. Also, she doesn’t have to worry about insurance premiums or being at work on time. On the other hand, the young lady with the bachelor’s degree has to pay for her own rent, utilities, car note, gas, food and different kinds of insurance in addition to student loans, which in turn leaves her in the exact place as the welfare case. Who are we trying to motivate here? We all know teachers don’t make a very good living. It’s a shame that men and women who vow to change the world and educate our future presidents, bankers, lawyers & doctors hold one of the lowest paying professions in this country, But that’s another blog. What are we doing to motivate the first young lady to get off of welfare and go to school? How can we encourage the second young lady to stay in school not give up. Certainly not by driving her into debt. By the time she is able to pay off the debt she is middle-aged. We all dreamed of being finished with college by twenty-five and making $60,000 a year. College students don’t spend one minute thinking about how long it will take to pay off loans, and our government knows that. So, not only does a student rack up debt in loans but also in credit. So why do they do it? This is clearly compromising the future if this country. We complain about being surpassed by China and India yet we continue to make it nearly impossible to obtain higher education. If someone is diligent enough to crawl past the Warfield to see graduation, the economy is waiting there to snuff them out. Doesn’t this explain why less than 2% if this country’s population is considered rich. It may also explain why over 46 million are living in poverty. Maybe going to college us just too expensive. And if you achieve it, it’s not worth it. Lets say (for the sake of argument) that each college course cost $100 (i know that is ridiculously low) so a full-time student classes would be $400 plus other expenses totaling no more than $1000 a semester. If these numbers were realistic, how many more college students would there be? Would there be as many foreclosures? Could the foreclosures we’ve been hearing about be the result of student debt? We really want to stick our noses in the air, and say they’re lazy. Do you really want to believe that someone would choose to live in poverty? I’m sure there are people who are contempt with living a mediocre lifestyle. However, my bet is that college campuses would be a lot more crowded if college was a little more affordable. I’m not pointing fingers and I don’t claim to have all the answers


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