The worst bff


Are you your kids friend? Does your fourteen year old daughter need a thirty-five year old friend? Today it is becoming more trendy to become your kids pal.  There may be more consequences than benefits for this for this new trend. Let’s face it. If you are your kids friend then who’s going to be their parent? The roles somewhat reverse when their school chums become their parents. If you don’t believe me, look at who has the most influence on your kids. Do you think they would rather wear the clothes that you,ve pick out or the ones that were selected by their friends? How about music? Do you think that your teen would listen to the music of your choice over the music of their peers? If you say yes would like to congratulate you but chances are you are in denial or are just delusional. Speaking as a mother, There were many times I wanted to just make my daughter happy. If she wanted something I would hesitate when the time came for me to tell her no. But after thinking about it, I realized that it wasn’t my job to make her happy. My job is to keep her healthy and strong both physically and mentally. I can’t count the times that I went to visit someone and I was shocked by how disrespectful there kids were to them. My friend says to her daughter “I need you to wash dishes before we go” the daughter replies( with a disgruntled look on her face) “no, I washed them yesterday, It’s your turn.” The mother replies “oh ,ok let’s go to the mall.I wanna check out the new Jordans.” I thought to myself “What the hell is going on here?” We as parents have simply lost our minds. Every child needs a parent? Kids need structure, not someone to uses them to cling to the youth that they once had. I hear so many parents today say, “my kids keep me young.” I”m sorry, but if your kids are keeping you young, they are also keeping you stupid. With age comes wisdom. Your years should benefit your children. Imagine if grandparents acted like they were in their twenties. There would be no kisses, hugs, and treats from the elderly people who can’t wait to see their grandkids, but rather people who are concerned about looking good. My bottom line is your kids need you to be their parents. There will be plenty of friends in their life time.


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