Attack of the cellular device


I’ ve noticed something kind of funny I thought I’d share. Have you ever been at a concert and people where watching the act their camera phone?It’s really ridiculous when you think about it. You pay $70, $100, maybe $200 for a ticket to the concert, only to end up watching it on a small screen like everyone else at home. There is something wrong with that. Usually, people capture these videos in order to upload on YouTube. However, if you look at the YouTube videos, of concert performances, you’ll see that they are of poor quality. They are usually shot from a distance, so you can’t see the performer. The audio is nothing more than screaming fans. Android and iPhones have genetically altered our lives and compromised our common sense. Over a year ago, a fascinating app was introduced to iPhone users, called Siri. It was the voice of a woman who completely freed us from thinking. She knows everything, such as: where to eat, where to shop, even where to learn( not that we would need to anymore). There was a little controversy about Siri, because sometimes she would give people illegal and shocking information, such as; where can I dump a dead body? where can I molest a child? or where can I buy heroin? I thought to myself, if she knows so much, she should know when to call the authorities when necessary. It’s inconceivable that we as human beings would rely on a small device to remind to do important task that we didn’t need help to remembering just fifteen years ago. I remember a time when I could count over 100 phone numbers just by memory. Today I know… maybe three. The rest are stored on my phone. Somehow I’ve been convinced that my brain cannot hold this information alone. Though it wasn’t true before, it has become true. Our brains can’t hold the information that it used to.
Thanks to our multi-use devices we have become anti-social and inverted. I recall a few instances where I walked past a person who said “hello”. When I replied with a hello of my own, the person pointed at the bluetooth in their ear to let me know that they were not speaking to me. I thought “how rude”. A friend told me about an embarassing incident where she used a public restroom and thought that the person in the next stall was talking to her but was actually on the phone. After she told them that she was really uncomfortable about talking at that moment the person became agitated and reveled that they were on the phone. My friend felt stupid, but I thought, “how is this stupidity on her end”? The person in the stall didn’t make our very clear that they were on the phone. If you are alone with only one person in a room and the other person is speaking it is only reasonable to assume that they are talking to you.Throughout the nineties, if a person walked past you and said hello, they were taking to you. Yes, there was a time (for those of you who don’t know) when people would walk past you and say hello and smile at you, even if they didn’t know you. Today we all look down into our devices. Even as some of us try to cross the street we can’t seem to look up. We are completely consumed with these tiny devices. We even get them for our kids, knowing that there is unlimited pornographic material for them to see. Are we so consumed with these devices that we are willing to jeopardize the wellbeing of our children? Some of you would argue that this is the only way to keep in touch with your children . To those parents, I say ” give me a break”. We all are aware that a child can have a simple phone that will allow them to call you when needed. We must go over board and get the kids technology that is so advanced, that we parents can’t figure out how to use them. Consequently, some of us are aware thay our kids are sexting, cyber bullying looking at unlimited free porn or talking to potential predators but are powerless to anything about it because the devices are simply too complicated. We also are afraid of bring prying parents. We are afraid to put our foot down and set rules so that we can monitor their activities. So in the end, we are completely powerless and the cell phones win. (frightening)


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