Treyvon Martin’s death


The case of Treyvon Martin has always fascinated me. Being an African-American mother, the story has been close to my heart. I always felt that race and other factors overshadowed the facts of the case. Being that I know just as much about the case as everyone else, I will state the facts that I do know minus race, age, or economic status.
       A man on neighborhood watch witnesses a male who is wearing a hooded sweatshirt walking around the area. The man called 911 and alerted police of a suspicious male walking nearby. The police tell the watchman to wait for police. “Somehow” the neighborhood watchman and the hooded male end up in the same place. The male who is on the phone with his girlfriend, alerts the teenage girl that someone is following him. Next there is a physical altercation between the two males. Police arrive to find a young man dead from a gunshot wound to the chest. It was confirmed that the hooded male was carrying an Arizona tea and a pack of skittles. Surveillance photos show the watchman with a bloody head getting into the police car. Later that night the man is released with the findings of no wrong doing. Phone records later reveal sounds of the two men struggling. One of them is heard in the back ground screaming “help”, later determined to be the hooded male,Treyvon Martin. The watchman named George Zimmerman admits to shooting him, but in self-defense.

Now, with the story in mind, I will give my own account of what I think happened.

George Zimmermann, a neighborhood watchman sees a male walking in the neighborhood. He feels that the male is up to no good and calls the 911. The police tell him to stand down and wait for them to arrive. Zimmerman feels like the police won’t arrive in time to stop the young man from committing a crime. Zimmernan arms himself just in case anyrgung should happen and begins to trail the young man. Once he catches up to him, he ask ” what are you doing here?” (heard in the phone records). The young man tells his girlfriend that someone is following him. He runs from the man and a chase begins. Once Zimmerman catches him they both fall to the ground where they are involved in a fight. The phone is dropped to the ground. During the scuffle George Zimmerman’s head is slammed into the ground either by falling or as a result of the fight, causing bleeding. Upset about being injured and perhaps about losing the fight, Zimmerman shoots the young man in the chest. Treyvon was shot in his chest and killed.

If I left any undisputed facts out please notify me. Now if I’m right, Florida’s stand your ground law doesn’t apply. The law ,basically saying, if you feel like you’re in danger, you have the right to use deadly force. George Zimmerman clearly saw Treyvon Martin from a distance. Yet somehow, they ended up in the same place. How could this happen? Lets say that Treyvon attacked Zimmerman. How and why would he? surveillance shows Treyvon at the local store. He didn’t appear to be looking for trouble. Why would Treyvon happen to attack the very same man who call 911 earlier. That would be a hell of a coincidence. Is it not obvious that Zimmerman followed Treyvon? Apparently not to everybody. if he did follow him, then he clearly does not feel like he’s in danger and he is breaking the law, especially since he was told not to follow him. I would not approach a man if I thought he may harm me. So let’s put these theories aside for now. What about the phone records. Zimmerman called 911. Last I heard, you only call 911 is there is a medical emergency, is a crime in progress, or if there’s a fire. Many people have faced charges for calling 911 when there was not an emergency. It is clear that at the time of the phone call there was no emergency. This fact has been overlooked. What about the phone call where Treyvon Tells his girlfriend that someone is following him? There was some speculation that the man following Treyvon was not George Zimmermann. if anyone sees why this speculation is defensible, please elaborate. How about the voice screaming for help in the background? George Zimmermann claimed it was his voice. Even the 911 operator (who spoke to Zimmerman said she beehives the voice to be Treyvon’s. In this case, it seems Zimmerman broke another law ,obstruction of justice, also overlooked. Why would Treyvon be screaming for help? Zimmerman claims Treyvon is the aggressor. Let’s test this theory. Let’s say a man attacks a woman, yet, the woman is stronger than he thought and is beginning to overpower him. Would he normally scream for help? Remember he is in the middle of committing a crime, so screaming for help would not interest him. He would only hope to get away quietly. So why would Treyvon scream for help if he was attacking Zimmerman? In so many ways Zimmerman’s story doesn’t add up. While listening to Rush Limbaugh a caller stated that if it had been a white girl killed, there will be no outrage from the black community, and he’s right. There would have been worldwide outrage. There would be no checking of her background or school records. And the shooter would be on his way to the chair. There is an echo in Americas mind that says If a young black man is killed in the streets he must have been doing something wrong. A man on Facebook quotes ” I’m glad Treyvon is dead. Zimmerman stop him from committing yet another crime. I have not heard 1 thing about any previous crimes but only about being in trouble in school. That made me think.When a black child is killed,all logic will escape ,and the image of a no good gang member will appear.

It is easy to accuse someone of playing the race card or being biased. It would be better if we all examine the facts rather that to believe what is most pleasing to us.


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