Everybody hates Barack

image Barack Obama may be the most hated president there ever has been. He has been accused of being the Anti Christ by so called Christian believers, despite that if you read the Bible you would see that Barack Obama does not fit the profile of the Anti Christ. He has been called a terrorist who hates America. I must say that if Barak Obama wantes to destroy America, he is wasting a lot of time. His first term is complete and he is well into his second term. There are even some accusations that he is intentionally destroying the economy. One has to ask themselves, “why would a man want to destroy his country and be known as the worst president there ever was?”. If I became the leader of any organization, I would want to be remembered for all the great things I did. I’m not saying that Barack Obama is perfect, a great president or the best president. In fact, I hardly ever agree with him. However, I’ve never seen hatred like the hatred that I have witnessed in the past 4 years. I must admit that I was shocked when Barack Obama became president. After all, this country holds mostly Republican views. Take Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks for the example. Her statments against George Bush caused the success of the group to suffer. They were no longer selling out arenas. She also received death threats along with hate mail. This backlash makes it clear that you cannot freely speak against Republicans. In fact, in any Internet forum, just mentioning Barack Obama’s name would start a cloud of extreme hate speach. In most cases, I find the accusations against Barack Obama laughable. But why is Barack Obama so hated? Hmmmmm.
How do you envision the american family? What do they look like? Where do they live. What language do they speak? How many children do they have? I must admit, being a African American woman myself, that even my veiw of the American family looks something like this.image This country has never had a black president. When Brack Obama appeared as if from nowhere with his perfect new family. It frightened most so called traditional americans. But, it was not the color of his skin that was so frightening. It was the fact that he wasn’t the typical African American man you hear about on the news. There were no “baby mama” ín his past and no history of violence. He was clean. In fact not only was he clean, he was suave, cool, educated and sophisticated.
image image The media could not wait to chew him up and spit him out. He would have been more acceptable to white america if he were more like this. image This way he could be easily humiliated, disposed of and sent back to the hood. A fabulous example of this tactic was presidential candidate Herman Cain. Because of his imperfect background he was quickly disposed of. It was almost a joke that he got as far as he did. But somehow, Obama was able to cruise under the radar. It was almost funny to see the astonished faces of “good ol America” seeing what was happing to their country. Just to mention him sends some people into a rage. But why? What is it about this man that people hate so much? Of course, many belive that the majority of the hate stims from the most obvious-The man is black. image This post ín particular shows why Obama is so hated. Theres no mention of his work or personality. Manytimes there have been instances were he was blamed for things completely unrelated to him. image image The words are debatable, but this woman apparently thought that the reason this child went with out food was because Barack Obama sent it to another country. When I saw this comment my first instinct was to enlighten her. Then I realized that this woman was way past rationality and that her rant was driven by another force. image I became a bit puzzled when reading this comment. How can a person take two hours to give a two minute speech? (Note the number of like for a comment that doesn’t make scene.

image It you are not crazy , you should be disterbed by this comment. What could a president have done to this man that would cause him to wish death upon him. Even with Bush as president, people did not speak this way. image image image image image image Once again, this has absolutely nothing to do with the president. Also what could the dead rapper have done to the commenter that the commenter would rejoice in his death? I like to leave room open for thought so I’ll say that if this is not racism, whatever it is, it’s alive and well.